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Chee, Cheng-Khee: CC1 Introduction and Interview

This art video presents a rare opportunity to meet a man who has been described by people who know him as “A Modern Day Master,” a “Complete Artist.” Cheng-Khee Chee has dedicated his life to the excellent expression of the synthesis between his inner vision and outer world, which he feels is the source of ART. In this watercolor workshop, Volume One, Chee discusses his Taoist philosophy and how it has influenced the development of his five distinctive styles (the subjects of videos two through six) each suited to most effortlessly express Chee’s feelings towards each particular subject. The “underpinnings” of all his techniques reside in his philosophy. Watercolor workshop Volume One includes Chee describing his artistic principles and collecting resource materials (“It’s like having money in the bank!”). He describes each of his styles and presents beautiful examples of each. He discusses the responsibilities of being a teacher; consistency; personal goals; mentors; criteria for judging; handling rejection, and so very much more! The interview contained in this Cheng-Khee Chee art instruction video workshop is valuable for all artists, in any painting media, who are serious about learning from other successful, professional artists. You don’t want to miss this one. (Watercolor, Intermediate / Advanced, DVD, Approx 2 hrs. 10 min.)

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