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Carducci, Judith: JC02 - Clouds & Sea in Pastel

Painting en Plein Air – In this DVD Judith shows us how to get perspective and depth into our paintings as we approach a street scene or city-scape.  she pays special attention to the sky which keeps changing every few minutes.  she mentions that this is one of the challenges of painting en Plein air.  but the results in this painting are luminous.  She handles the hue of the houses and for a while, they just seem to run together.  Until, at the end, she picks out their individual details.  Be attracted to the scene because of the dramatic sky and rushing sea.  But in the background is the castle, San Christobal, which looks dark and ominous against the bright colors of the buildings and the brilliant blues and purples and grays of the sky.  120 minute

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