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Kreutz, Gregg: KR03 - Painting the Female Figure, Sandra

Gregg Kreutz’ style is very classical, similar to David Leffel and Rembrandt. With masterful use of light and shadow, (chiaroscuro) he takes us from a blank, white canvas through the sketching and placement process to the completed work with all the nuances of mysterious shadow and areas of brilliant light. He shows us how to develop the portrait in this completed nude painting, how to work with line and the interplay of cool shadows on warm flesh. Because his studio, in New York City, is naturally lit with an ideal north skylight, the feel of his painting and the video itself is the same as watching one of the old masters paint in his own studio. It is thrilling to watch Gregg make flesh and blood with his first few strokes and triangles. He works hard to ensure that the viewer (his students) understand his palette, his colors, his development of flesh tones, the importance of shadow and the brilliant effect of his light areas. The painting is completed with hands and legs detailed, every aspect is wonderfully captured, and all the little touches of flesh, robes and drapery clearly painted and perfectly explained. Gregg is a superb painter and an exceptionally articulate teacher. 120min.

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