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Kreutz, Gregg: KR01 - Mastering the Portrait, Rose

“Placement of the figure, background, shadow and then light is the order of progress in our painting” says Gregg Kreutz in his new video, “Mastering the Portrait, the Painting of Rose”. This is just one of hundreds of bits of information that Gregg imparts on his new video. Gregg rambles on with a stream of monologue describing every motion he is making, what colors he is using and how and why he puts a piece of paint here and one there. Gregg talks about everything he is doing and gives his reasoning and feelings about it as well. As you probably are aware, Gregg was the student of David Leffel and this video was made in David’s old studio in New York City. You can hear the sounds of the hum of the city in the background. Gregg is a wonderful instructor leaving nothing left in mystery. He explains all the moves he makes clearly and concisely. We have a camera trained on his palette so that most color mixtures can be followed. Gregg spends a lot of time with the colors he’s using and the set up of the painting. He talks about the drawing of the head and placement and then moves into shadow and background. But putting in the first bright patches of light has the most punch! (2 videos) 220min.

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