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Dye, Sean: SD1 - Palette Knife Landscape

Learn to combine materials to create vibrant art with mixed-media artist Sean Dye. In this workshop you will learn how to layer materials in order to achieve the versatility of mixed-media without sacrificing long-term survivability. Sean shows you the tools & techniques for combining charcoal, India ink, acrylic gouache and water-soluble oils on the same canvas. For Sean, each layer defines a different aspect of his process: vine charcoal to define shapes; India ink to plot values; acrylic gouache to create a foil for the colors he places using the final layer of water-soluble oil. His final layer of palette knife water soluble oils establishes color and texture. Along the way he provides pointers on the use of each material, what to look for when purchasing paint and a few safety tips. Sean works from an oil pastel reference painting. 2 hours, (Sean Dye, Water Soluable Oil, Oil Painting DVD, Mixed Media, Beginning / Intermediate, DVD)

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