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Antonov, Alexei: AA04d - Portrait of the Yellow Rose

It is difficult to paint flowers, especially roses. The rose is a symbol of eternal beauty that we can admire, and if we are artists, we can try to depict it on canvas. You probably know that there are many roses in my still lifes; I have been trying to paint them the way Old Masters did, and I think I have learned how to do so. Now I am sharing the Old Masters secrets with you. If you are interested to know how to create gorgeous roses on canvas and how this technique differs from other painting styles, watch this new video workshop and you will learn:

• how to transfer a drawing;
• the tonality of imprimatura;
• why the umbra layers are so important;
• why and how the dry brush is used;
• the purpose of the dead layer;
• the advantages of the multi-layer technique;
• how to make a dead mixture;
• the difference in painting mature and young petals;
• how the colors interact;
• how to deal with the half-tones;
• how to blow life in the painting;
• how to show light penetrating through the translucent petals;
• how to paint an iridescent drop of water;
• why the reflexes are so important;

This video workshop will answer many other questions about the classical painting technique.  118 minutes

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