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Isaac, Terry: TI1 - Painting Wildlife in Acrylic

Wildlife painter, Terry Isaac, shares photos, collages, sketches and many stunning finished works from his portfolio to illustrate the method he uses to formulate dynamic environmentally correct magical moments in nature. He provides several options for acquiring, selecting and combining source material then implements them in the workshop painting. After a whirlwind tour of how to prepare his favorite painting surface, Terry discusses pigments and brushes. He prepares his palette for the workshop. In this workshop, Terry teaches you to tackle nature one square at a time. He shares his efficient and innovative process for blocking in shapes and colors. He teaches you to divide your canvas and reference material, allowing you to paint what you see instead of worrying about the complexity of the whole. With his basic shapes in place, Terry explains how to critique your first draft, make revisions and add a first layer of delicate details. Terry then shifts his attention to the Rufus hummingbird at the top of his canvas. He transfers the bird from photo to sketch to canvas before your eyes then gives tips on realistic lighting, perspective and anatomy. Finally, Terry adds highlights to the entire painting and makes final revisions to his design, resulting in a bold, colorful wildlife scene. As a bonus to the workshop painting, Terry explores composition and teaches techniques for filling in grasses and shorelines on a painting already in progress. 1 hr. 55 min.

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