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Monahan, Leo: LMN1d - Conversation w/ Artist Leo Monahan

His fine art began in about 1980, and for the most part is based on his memories of life as a young boy at the foot of Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills – a life peopled with miners, loggers, cowboys, farmers, and the Sioux. The work is entirely symbolic of the elements that were around him at that time, especially the plants, animals and artifacts. Unique in portraying these images with the paper-sculpture collage medium, Leo’s techniques are a blend of both Impressionism and Surrealism The recipient of numerous awards, Leo is twice past-president of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, and a recipient of their Life Achievement Award. He is also a 35-year participant of the U.S. Air Force documentary art program, as well as founder of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s documentary art program. This is a thoughtful interview with an interesting and accomplished artist. Learn from Leo’s life experience as he discusses such wide-ranging topics as: Judging shows, what he looks for. How did he get where he is today? Recommendations for artists just starting out. How does an artist survive in the marketplece today? Leo Monahan is interviewed by an artist and asked the questions every artist would like to ask another. Join Leo Monahan in this personal and thoughtful conversation about art.

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