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Gildow, Janie: JG2 - The Art of Colored Pencil

The light Touch. JANIE GILDOW CPSA is your guide to the rich and elegant art of colored pencil. Janie Gildow covers a few basics then jumps into a project from design to completion. Janie Gildow shows her photo selection process, cropping to improve composition, use of a modified grisaille approach to establish values and then demonstrates how she layers color, often using four or more colors in an area for richness. Janie Gildow uses the ‘light touch’ for flexibility and elegance. You will learn pointers to improve your own technique as she shares her thoughts about the process. Your view is so close you will see when Janie’s pencil point starts to dull! This workshop packs days of information into 90 minutes.

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