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Collins, Jacob: JAC1 - Sculpting the Figure w/ Pencil

Advanced drawing ~ Jacob Collins is very articulate and reveals his in-depth knowledge of his craft, art history, and anatomy.  This DVD exquisitely brings to life a masterful demonstration on advanced drawing.  Jacob’s deft working with the eraser, as well as careful and perfectly positioned pencil strokes, makes this presentation exciting for artists of all levels.  Mr. Collins makes clear the importance of frequently and carefully measuring and checking the proportions of the figure.  He shares here many personal techniques and secrets to his process of measuring.  Because Jacob is such an excellent draftsman, he creates beautiful, like-like figures in his paintings.  He thoughtfully lays out the shadow areas, the musculature, and skeleton underneath, constantly taking the measure of the parts and the whole.  When he is finished, the drawing is ready to be transferred to canvas for a painting.  Jacob seems to literally sculpt out the figure with his pencil.  Included within this DVD a look into the Grand Central Academy and Jacob’s studio at home.  3 hours plus

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