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Reed, Hal: CW001 - Analogous Color Wheel

The analogous color wheel by Hal Reed is a vital tool for any painter to create a harmonious painting. Choose your dominant hue and quickly identify discords, complements and adjacent hues. The color wheel illustrates useful concepts, such as hue, value and chroma, and explains both triadic and Munsell color theory.

Our Analogous Color Wheel is a heavy duty tool that measures 8.5 x 12 inches. Use the Color Wheel in your studio and carry it with you on location, it’s sturdy enough to hold up under tough conditions.

This item is not a video, however, it's use is complimented by rental or purchase of Hal Reed's video series CC12,CC34 Use of Color Wheel and Color Series COL0102, COL0304. The new edition of the color wheel has been completely re-painted and now uses matte UV coating that protects the wheel without annoying glare. Joyce Pike also uses this color wheel and demonstrates it's use with many of her videos. Choose our special color kit, a great offer that includes two 60 minute videos by Hal Reed on color theory and the color wheel for only $59.95 - a $20 savings!. Item #COL9902

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