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Reed, Hal: CCS1 - Color Compositions Series w/ Analogous Color Wheel

Color Compositions Series Volumes 1 – 10 plus Analogous ColorWheel.  Lessons include  Basic Pallette & Color Comps,  Abstract Color Compositions, Use of Color Wheel and Color Comps, Still-Life Color Comps, Landscape Color Comps, Seascape Color Comps, Portrait Color Comps, Genre Color Comps, Enlarging Color Comps to Painting , Enlarging Demonstration
Five 60 minute DVD (original recordings for VHS in 1980′s) digitized to DVD

This 5 video Color Compositions Series discusses in-depth techniques for creating effective color comps for various types of paintings, including still life, portraits, landscapes, and many others. Starting with the basic palette, Hal Reed holds your hand as you work from general color theory to enlarging your comp to a painting. The purchase of this series includes The Hal Reed, Analogous Color Wheel for free ($20.95 value).

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