How We Work

Three Easy ways to Learn ~

Video/DVD Rental via USPS
Shipping included in the rental price
Reserve videos upon request
Request scheduled delivery on a particular date
Rent up to four VHS and/or DVD and keep for seven full days of viewing
Extend rental an additional week, notifying us by email info@artvideo.com or call 1.800.576.1482

How it Works
Generally, your order will be filled and shipped the same day we receive it, unless your selection is temporarily out at the time. The package comes self-contained, with shipping label and return postage attached. Simply notify us by phone or email if you wish to keep the tapes for an extra week rental or to purchase your rented video. We will then instruct you as to how to proceed.  Rentals are strictly intended for personal home viewing.  No copying as this would be subject to copyright laws.

Preview Videos (Click for selection) Keep watching for this new feature!
This new feature to our store will be a great opportunity and option to preview segments of a video for possible rental or purchase.  You will be able to determine if the artist is teaching in a fashion applicable to your individual need, as well as,  seeing a glimpse of the project first hand with method and medium.  We are working to make this feature possible.

So many leading artists teachings can be purchased for your in-home pleasure and convenience on VHS and DVD video. Most of our videos can be purchased, however, we do have titles which are listed as rentals only. These are titles no longer in production and can not be reproduced by us, as we do not hold their copyright. Thus, they can not be sold but are found to be valuable assets (filled with timely instruction) for our clientele. We also have a very few titles listed as purchase only. Permission has not been given for us to rent these select few. Purchase price does not indicate shipping charge for said purchase. Purchase shipping will be $6.50 for first item and $2.00 for each additional item. (These prices are subject to change with the USPS postal rate changes.)


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