About Us

…committed to the Teaching of Art Fundamentals for over 20 Years
Art Video Library was established in 1985 joining with Video Learning Library in 1996 and expanding our reach around the world, eventually merging with Art Video Productions in 2007. We have continual ads running in the American Artists Magazine, The Artists‘ magazine and Watercolor magazine. We serve the professional as well as the novice. We are very proud of our company and the opportunity to serve others in the joy of learning.

ArtVideo Productions was founded by Hal Reed in the early 1980s. One of the most prominent art teachers of our time, Hal’s ability to gather talented artists and teachers has resulted in ArtVideo’s extensive collection of instructional video courses. Over the last twenty years, ArtVideo has sold thousands of teaching aids from video courses to color wheels. These courses contain valuable and timeless instruction on all aspects of art.

Recently, in 2007 ArtVideo has made significant strides by moving its main headquarters to a new location, revamping its duplication (VHS to DVD) and distribution processes, and re-distributing a favorite of long time customers, the Analogous Color Wheel, the only Munsell ‘teaching’ color wheel.

We are the largest Art Video Mail Order Rental Store in existence with over 2,000 art titles!

Rental by mail is possible in the US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Isles


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